While I'm having breakfast, I want to make an update on what I'm doing this week.

Lately it's being kind of crazy with different projects I'm working on.

First of all, I'm working with the guys of Persefone in the new album. This is going to be our sixth album

Carlos Lozano from Persefone on a writing session

and we are doing our best to make it sound huge and be the best album we have ever done. From my perspective, I'm enjoying it a lot because in the last two years I've learnt a lot about synths, sound design, orchestration, and I'm willing to put all that in practice in the album.

Another project I've been working the last months is Momonsters. I work this project along with my partners at Sonnos, Carlos Lozano and Pere Revert, and every week we work on some episodes. It's


always fun to work on extreme progressive death metal one day, and the next day work on a kids tv series! The serie will be aired in January 2020 and, really, we cannot wait! By now it's confirmed in Spain national TVE. I'll let you know if it gets confirmed in any other country.

There are two more projects that I'm currently working on. One is a video game, which name I cannot say yet for confidenciality reasons, but I'll dedicate a post once I'm allowed to tell you about it. The other project is, we (Sonnos), are writing song for the artist Maja Spencer. This is being a fun project because of the wide range of musical styles that Maja can sing.

So, I'm not bored...

Have a wonderful day!

Moe Espinosa

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