Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I'm glad to announce that I have a new shop ready! For a long time I have wanted to put some of the best Persefone songs that involves piano parts in a store, as some of them are regularly required by fans, so I've spent the last weeks working on it and now it's ready!

You can find the scores in this link or in the menu.

You can find the next scores by now:

  • "Aathma Part IV: Many of one..." from the album Aathma.

  • "Outro" from the album Spiritual Migration

  • "Shin-ken Part II (piano part)" from the album Shin-ken

  • "The Water Book" from the album Shin-ken

Some other expected scores to be added are:

  • "My Unwithered Shrine" from the album Truth Inside the Shades

  • "Living Waves" from the album Aathma (this will be a keyboard score)

Also I'm planning to create tutorial videos for different Persefone songs like:

  • "Mind as Universe" from Spiritual Migration.

  • "The Great Reality" from Spiritual Migration.

  • "Living Waves" from Aathma.

  • "Prison Skin" Aathma.

These videos will include the score and a video explaining how I arrange my keyboard to play those songs live. Also they will include a playthrough.

Of course, all these will require some time but I'm commited to do them.

By now, I hope you enjoy the sheet music already available.

Here you have a preview of one of the scores.

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