Hello guys!!

It's been a while since the last time I updated the news section. So, new stuff has been released and you need to know about it!

BIG FARM STORY for Steam! - by GoodGame Studios

So it's out after some time working on it! I'm so happy because this is a version of the acclaimed mobile game BIG FARM, really taken care of, with different music, different ambiences and we have been able to work on that from the beginning (thing that we couldn't do with Big Farm).

The result is outstanding and if you like this kind of games, you will dig it for sure.

All music and effects done by Sonnos Andorra!

SUPREMACY 1 - by Bytro

So it's also here after a while. We have worked a lot of themes for this game, some of them you have already been able to check, and now it's out! I think this is an improved version of the old Supremacy 1942 and if you like strategy games, you really need to check this one! :-)

Music by yours truly :-P

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