Hi guys!!

I'm proud to announce the pre release of the new game "Age of Knights" by Goodgame Studio in which I have worked with my partners at Sonnos Andorra.

This game is an extension of hugely successful video game "Empire".

For several weeks, we've worked on the sound effects and music for this video game.

About the music, that is the part I've worked in, the idea was to upgrade the sound of the music in "Empire", making it more modern. Using the techniques we have available nowadays, we have been able to achieve a new level or realism and a bigger sound, which makes the experience of the player more inmersive.

From Sonnos Andorra, we are very happy with the result and we are willing to be able to know your comments about this game and more specifically, about the music and sound effects.

So, if you are interested, go preregister for the global release of the game. You can read the full statement from GoodGame in this link.

Have a nice day!

Moe Espinosa

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