I'm really happy to announce that the short film "Le Blizzard" by Àlvaro Rodriguez Areny is now available in Youtube.

I wrote the music for this short film a couple years ago with my partners in Sonnos Andorra and I remember it as a difficult soundtrack. It was really out of our comfort zone, but as you know, sometimes it's good. In this particular case, we suffered a little bit in the beginning to get the tone of the movie, but once we got it, it was a joyful experience.

The music was mixed and mastered by my friend and colleage Pere Revert. He was able to give the music a big depth. All those drones and pulses have their space, even in the moments of more sound design. I encourage you to listen to this short film with headphones, as the experience is totally different!

I can't wait to work again with Àlvaro!

I hope you enjoy it!

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