Hi guys!!

As some of you know, I'll be playing with my bandmates in Persefone at ProgPower Europe, that will happen from on October 4-6th. This year, and after 7 years of not coming back in the festival, we will headline Sunday. This is a big honor for us, since the last time we played in the festival, we played at the basement in the preparty. I remember perfectly how the promoter told us that we would come back to the festival someday to play in the big venue. What we couldn't imagine was that we would come back as a headliner for one of the days in the show.

There has been a big effort ever since, and we feel we deserve this spot, and we will show everyone that Persefone has a lot to say yet!

If you have the chance to come and say hello, don't hesitate! :-D

Below the poster of this year's edition.

Moe Espinosa

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